Essex CT Scan

At Essex CT Scan, we offer cone beam dental scans. We are committed to using our years of industry experience to ensure any of our patients feel at ease when with one of our specialists. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service, experience of our team and affordability of our offering.

  • Your patient will be with us for 30 minutes or so. They will be asked to remove any metal-containing jewellery or prostheses which may affect the imaging.
  • Reporting is available upon request. We are also very happy to send the dental cone beam scan directly to your preferred Radiologist.
  • Payment will be taken prior to the scan appointment day for most examinations.

Cone Beam (CBCT) Scan Technology

Essex CT Scan uses the latest in cone beam (CBCT) scan technology with Vatech. Vatech is the world leading manufacturer of dental technology and is the innovation leader in digital dentistry.

We use our VaTech Picasso system which offers:

  • Reduced Radiation – dose reduction technology 

  • Intra oral scanning – digital impressions, great view option

  • Qualified dental professionals – a team of qualified and experienced dental professionals

At Essex CT Scan, we’re committed to providing the best possible service to our patients and have chosen Vatech’s CT scanning equipment as we know it will produce the most accurate images whilst ensuring a patient’s experience is comfortable.