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It’s understandable why many patients can find the idea of a dental scan daunting, including a CBCT scan, which is why it’s so important to highlight how simple and straightforward the procedure is.

Instead of lying in a tunnel as you would for a medical CT scan, in a CBCT scan a patient can either relax in a chair or stand during the dental scan. The whole process should take just up to twenty seconds and involves a 3D mouth scanner to generate 3D images of a patient’s mouth which can be viewed using special software.

It’s important to ensure the patient feels comfortable before and after the scan and that they understand what is going to happen, including any noises they might hear or any movement of equipment. A patient may feel more at ease if they have the chance to ask any questions prior to the scan or afterwards.

The cone beam images collected, provide a more informed and accurate visual representation of a patient’s dentures, which is beneficial as it means dentists can decide on the most suitable treatment plan moving forward for a patient.

Cone beam CT scans ensure patients the best possible care as dentists are given accurate information in order to plan and perform a future procedure. The scans also subject a patient to a much lower rate of radiation.

A CBCT scan also helps to detect and evaluate possible underlying problems for patients, such as bone lesions, cysts or tumours, through accurate measurements of bone and jaw deformities.

Patient care is a priority for any dentist and especially for a CBCT scan which is a simple yet effective procedure.

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