Dental Imaging uses award winning technology by Vatech.

At Essex CT Scan we choose to use Vatech as our supplier of CBCT scan technology in our dental imaging centre.

Vatech are an award-winning, world leading provider of equipment for cone beam scans, intraoral x-rays and OPG. As an experienced manufacturer in dental technology and often referred to as a ‘dental pioneer’, Vatech use their industry insight to continuously develop equipment that not only results in a fast workflow and accurate diagnosis, but also increases a patient’s comfort.

Used in over 14 countries worldwide, from USA to India, China and France, Vatech’s CT scanning equipment comes highly recommended including winning six global design awards for four of their dental imaging products.

At Essex CT Scan, we know our patients will benefit from Vatech’s state-of-the-art technology being used in our dental imaging centre. Our Vatech Picasso system offers patients a quick, efficient and easy scan. The Picasso Trio system uses implagraphy to capture a patient’s whole arch in just one scan to produce accurate and precise panoramic images without causing discomfort to a patient.

It also admits a much lower rate of radiation yet still provides accurate and detailed images that helps our team of specialists decide on the right future treatment for a patient.

At Essex CT Scan, we’re committed to providing the best possible service to our patients and have chosen Vatech’s CT scanning equipment as we know it will produce the most accurate images whilst ensuring a patient’s experience is comfortable.